Wella Professionals Welloxon Perfect Hair Color 22N (Black) 60g And Developer 6% 20 Vol. 1000ml (New pack)


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Introducing Wella Professionals 22N (Black) Hair Color 60g + Welloxon Perfect Creme Developer 6% 20 Vol. 1000ml

1. Bold and Beautiful: Wella Professionals 22N (Black) Hair Color (60g)

Elevate your hair game with Wella Professionals 22N (Black) Hair Color.

This 60g tube of intense black hue brings depth and richness to your tresses, providing a bold and beautiful transformation for a look that stands out.

Intense Black Shade

Achieve an intense black shade that exudes sophistication and style.

Wella Professionals 22N ensures a deep, vibrant color that covers grays and adds a touch of drama to your hair, making it a perfect choice for those who desire a bold and confident appearance.

Long-Lasting Color Brilliance

Experience long-lasting color brilliance with Wella’s advanced formula.

The 22N Hair Color not only imparts a rich black hue but also ensures that your hair maintains its vibrancy and brilliance for an extended period, keeping your look fresh and captivating.

Easy Application for Salon-Worthy Results

Enjoy the convenience of easy application, whether you’re a seasoned pro or experimenting at home.

Wella Professionals 22N Hair Color guarantees salon-worthy results, giving you the confidence to express your style effortlessly.

2. Gentle Development: Welloxon Perfect Creme Developer 6% 20 Vol. 1000ml

Pair your Wella Professionals 22N Hair Color with the Welloxon Perfect Creme Developer for a gentle and effective color development process.

This 6% 20 Vol. 1000ml developer ensures optimal results while keeping your hair’s health in mind.

Precise and Controlled Development

Experience precise and controlled development with Welloxon Perfect Creme Developer.

This formulation allows for even color distribution, ensuring that every strand undergoes gentle development for a uniform and professional finish.

Nourishing Formula

Benefit from the nourishing formula of Welloxon Perfect Creme Developer.

While it facilitates color development, it also nourishes your hair, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and conditioned, even after the coloring process.

Versatile Use for Various Techniques

Explore various color techniques with the versatility of Welloxon Perfect Creme Developer.

Whether you’re going for a full color change, highlights, or ombre effects, this developer adapts to your styling needs, giving you the freedom to express your creativity.

3. Complete Hair Transformation Kit: Wella 22N Hair Color + Welloxon Perfect Developer

Embark on a journey of complete hair transformation with the Wella Professionals 22N Hair Color and Welloxon Perfect Creme Developer.

This kit combines the power of an intense black hue with a nourishing developer, ensuring a seamless coloring experience with professional-grade results.

Effortless Color Harmony

Achieve effortless color harmony as Wella 22N and Welloxon Perfect Developer work in tandem.

The result is a stunning and well-balanced black shade that harmonizes with your natural beauty, creating a look that is both striking and harmonious.

Confidence in DIY Hair Coloring

Feel confident in your DIY hair coloring endeavors with this comprehensive kit.

Wella ensures that the 22N Hair Color and Welloxon Perfect Developer provide salon-quality results, empowering you to take charge of your hair color journey with ease.

Perfectly Packaged for At-Home Convenience

Experience the convenience of at-home hair coloring with the perfectly packaged Wella kit.

The 60g tube of 22N Hair Color and the 1000ml Welloxon Perfect Creme Developer come together to create a hassle-free solution for your hair transformation needs.

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