Wella Professionals Eimi Bold Move Matte Texturizing Clay Paste 150ml


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Wella Professionals EIMI Texture Touch Reworkable Matte Clay75ml

Introducing Wella Professionals EIMI Bold Move Matte Texturizing Clay Paste 150ml

1. Sculpt Your Style: Wella EIMI Bold Move Texturizing Clay

Craft your distinctive style with Wella Professionals EIMI Bold Move Matte Texturizing Clay Paste. This 150ml jar is your go-to solution for creating bold, textured looks that stand out, offering a versatile and matte finish for hair that makes a statement.

All-Day Hold and Definition

Enjoy all-day hold and definition with EIMI Bold Move. This texturizing clay paste provides a firm grip on your hair, ensuring your carefully crafted style remains intact throughout the day. Revel in the confidence that comes with a hairstyle that lasts.

Matte Finish for a Contemporary Look

Achieve a contemporary and matte finish with EIMI Bold Move. This clay paste adds a touch of modernity to your hairstyle, creating a textured appearance that exudes confidence and sophistication.

Versatile Styling for Every Occasion

Embrace versatility in styling for every occasion. Whether you’re going for a casual, tousled look or a more structured and defined style, Wella EIMI Bold Move adapts to your creative vision, giving you the freedom to express yourself effortlessly.

2. Texturize with Confidence: Wella EIMI Bold Move Clay Paste (150ml)

Infuse your hair with confidence using Wella EIMI Bold Move Texturizing Clay Paste. This 150ml jar is designed to add texture and definition to your hair, allowing you to experiment with different styles and express your individuality.

Effortless Application and Malleability

Experience effortless application and malleability with EIMI Bold Move. The clay paste smoothly glides through your hair, giving you the flexibility to mold and shape your desired style with ease. Enjoy the creative process of sculpting your hair into a work of art.

Lightweight and Residue-Free

Say goodbye to heavy products and residue. Wella EIMI Bold Move is lightweight and leaves no visible traces, ensuring that your hair feels natural and free, allowing your unique style to take center stage without any unwanted buildup.

Hair Protection with a Professional Touch

Not just a styling product, EIMI Bold Move also offers protection for your hair. The professional touch of this texturizing clay paste ensures that your strands remain healthy and nourished, even as you experiment with bold and dynamic styles.

3. Express Your Boldness: Wella EIMI Bold Move Matte Clay Paste (150ml)

Unleash your boldness and express your individuality with Wella EIMI Bold Move Matte Texturizing Clay Paste. This 150ml jar is your key to creating daring hairstyles that showcase your personality and make a lasting impression.

Statement-Making Styles

Make a statement with your hairstyles using EIMI Bold Move. Whether you’re aiming for an edgy, undone look or a more polished finish, this matte clay paste allows you to experiment and express your unique style, making every day a canvas for your creativity.

Confidence in Creative Expression

Feel confident in your creative expression with Wella EIMI Bold Move. This clay paste empowers you to explore different textures, shapes, and styles, ensuring that your hair becomes a dynamic and ever-changing form of self-expression.

Long-Lasting Impact

Leave a long-lasting impact with hairstyles that defy the ordinary. EIMI Bold Move Matte Texturizing Clay Paste ensures that your bold looks stay intact, providing a durable hold that stands up to the demands of your active lifestyle.

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Formulated with Brazilian carnauba wax, this professional texturizing hair paste helps you to achieve a casual, yet stylish matte look.

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