Wella Professionals INVIGO Senso Calm Shampoo 250ml and Mask 150ml


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Wella Professionals Invigo Nutri Enrich

Introducing Wella Professionals INVIGO Balance Senso Calm Hair Care Duo: Shampoo 250ml and Mask 150ml

1. Soothe Your Scalp: Wella INVIGO Balance Senso Calm Shampoo 250ml

Soothe your scalp with Wella Professionals INVIGO Balance Senso Calm Shampoo.

This 250ml bottle is a gentle and calming solution designed to cleanse your scalp, leaving it relaxed, refreshed, and ready to  showcase  the  beauty of your hair.

Gentle Cleanse for Scalp Comfort

Experience a gentle cleanse for scalp comfort.

Wella Senso Calm Shampoo is formulated to remove impurities without   causing irritation, providing a clean foundation for your scalp   and allowing your hair to thrive with a newfound sense of ease.

Senso Calm Technology for Tranquil Sensation

Indulge in Senso Calm Technology for a tranquil sensation.

This soothing shampoo is enriched with technology that calms   your scalp, leaving it feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to face the day   with a newfound tranquility.

Lightweight Formula for Daily Use

Enjoy a lightweight formula suitable for daily use.

Wella INVIGO Balance Senso Calm Shampoo effortlessly foams into a rich   lather, providing a sensorial experience that makes every   wash a calming ritual.

Revel in the delight of a soothed scalp and   vibrant hair.

2. Comfortable Scalp, Radiant Hair: Wella INVIGO Balance Senso Calm Mask 150ml

Promote a comfortable scalp for radiant hair with Wella INVIGO Balance Senso Calm Mask.

This 150ml jar is crafted to cater   to the unique needs of your scalp, providing a calming and nourishing experience that enhances the   beauty of your hair.

Scalp Harmony with Gentle Ingredients

Embark on a journey of scalp harmony with gentle ingredients.

Wella Senso Calm Mask is enriched with a blend of soothing   components that promote a balanced scalp environment, ensuring optimal   health and radiance for your hair.

Nourishing Elixir for Vibrant Locks

Infuse your hair with a nourishing elixir.

This calming mask helps to maintain the natural balance of your hair, preventing   issues like dryness and discomfort.

Enjoy vibrant locks that shine with newfound radiance.

Invigorating Aroma for a Sensory Experience

Elevate your haircare routine with an invigorating aroma.

Wella INVIGO Balance Senso Calm Mask delights your senses with a refreshing fragrance, turning each masking session into a sensory   experience that rejuvenates not just your hair but also   your spirit.

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Perfect hydrating and moisturizing treatment for irritated and sensitive scalp.

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